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Want to present a list on your website?

There are situations when you want to show a list of links, domains or pages on the internet in no time or just because you want to test your idea. To be honest, websites in most cases are just lists, from lists of best movies to lists with your business products. It is not so easy to put them there though. Do you know that feeling?

Use Sheetsu and:

  • Don't waste time on coding
  • Create simple list on the page and show it to your community
  • Create fast product prototype and validate your MVP
  • Store your lists in Google Sheets

People are using it already

There are successful products that use Sheetsu. It all started just from simple prototype
diversity list page
Diversity List

Diversity List shows what is the gender and race diversity in 200 technology companies. In today’s word, it matters to many. It had a lot of impact on the listed companies.

  • From idea to production in 10 hours
  • +5500 views in 24 hours
  • +180 upvotes on  Product Hunt
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black friday deals list page
Black friday deals

Everyone knows what Black Friday is. On that day we are searching for discounts on our favorites apps to get them cheaper. This website shows curated a list of cool tech deals for Black Friday.

  • From idea to production in 72 hours
  • +9,000 pageviews in 24 hours
  • +210 upvotes on  Product Hunt
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