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Jimmy's Famous Meals

If you run businesses such as restaurant, bistro, cafe, diet catering company you need to update menu on the website almost every day.

A few years ago restaurants changed their menu once or twice a year. Now your business needs to reflect the diners demand; often you need to have the main menu with the addition of seasonal or alternative dishes on an added special menu. You need to inform your customers what special deal is available today, what you serve as a dish of the day or which menu position run out today.

Customers are frustrated when they check your menu on your website then visit your place and are surprised that can't order what they have seen online. If your company serves lunch boxes or diet catering needs to show what people could expect every day.

Why Google Sheets and Sheetsu are perfect solution for your business:

  • Update your menu when you change it
  • Inform about special offers
  • List a daily menu on a website
  • Inform when you run out of any dish or ingredient

Play with values below ↓

Egg Frittata with bacon and sausage served with Sweet Potato Home Fries39020.3g27.83g27.3g
Oats with fresh berries3656.7g70.8g11g
Egg Whites with Home Fries and Turkey Sausage2957.4g30.2g26.5g
Fresh grilled Salmon and double asparagus45424.7g7.4g49.3g
Grilled chicken breast with 1/2 cup of brown rice and green beans4477.6g33.7g59.6g
Grilled turkey breast with double vegetable medley751.9g10.9g63.3g
Fresh green mix with seasonal berries and seeds topped with sliced tenderloin43416.5g33.3g51.7g

Restaurants are using it already

There are successful products that use Sheetsu. It all started just from simple prototype
Menu with nutrition table

Jimmy's Famous Meals prepares healthy meals that could be ordered for the whole week. Customers can choose their plan and order meals from the menu according to their choice. The week menu with food table is updated by Google Sheets by chef and data are updated straight away with Sheetsu.

Why Google Sheets and Sheetsu integration is a perfect solution for your business:

  • Don't need to spend hours to learn extra new app for menu management - Google Sheets are commonly used tool
  • It is easy to collaborate - each person who has access to your Spreadsheet could update menu on the website
  • No-code solution - Sheetsu app integrate Google Sheets with your restaurant website with few clicks
Jimmy's Famous Meals

Sheetsu has helped us streamline requests without needing to build out a full backend. The API is incredibly quick & easy to setup, and it integrates well into our existing workflows.

Abram Wilson

Abram Wilson

Growth Hacker
Update menu and satisfy your customers

Update a menu on the website shouldn't take ages and be time-consuming. That's why you should use a tool that could be used by everybody in your business, not only the manager but waitress, top chef, chef assistant.

You can use Google Spreadsheet and allow Sheetsu to do integration between a Google Sheet and a restaurant website.

from spreadsheet to a website

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