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Do you need to update part of your website very often?

Imagine you need to change some information on your website every day. You need to do it fast and without any struggle with a new interface, logging, etc.

There is already one interface you already know - spreadsheets. This tool exists for over 30 years now. A widget with Google Spreadsheets integrations can help enhance the homepage with real-time updates of content released around the clock.

Use Sheetsu and:

  • Don’t waste time on coding
  • Use interface you know
  • Get instant update in widget after update in spreadsheet
  • Make your website simpler

People are using it already

There are successful companies that use Widgets with Sheetsu
sundance mountain resort page
Sundance Resort

Sundance Resort is a mountain-based spot. It provides ski runs and skier accommodation. Weather is an essential aspect of this business. They provider weather conditions and additional information through Google Spreadsheet and Sheetsu. They use such a configuration because of:

  • Simplicity of Google Spreadsheet interface
  • Instant synchronisations with website provided by Sheetsu
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Play with values below ↓

Weather at Sundance Resort 

Temperature: {{temperature}}º

Wind: {{wind_velocity}} kmph {{wind_direction}}

Road 92: {{road_condition_92}} Road 189: {{road_condition_189}} Parking: {{parking}}

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