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Revolution of Low-code Development is the platform that offers simplified and visually guided forms of programming. Low-code development tools enable organizations to create reusable software components that represent business services. With the low-code revolution, startups can accelerate app delivery by dramatically reducing the amount of hand-coding required.

Advantages of Low-code Development

Low code revolution brings down great benefits to digital businesses in many ways:

  • Lowering the cost of maintenance and increasing the pace of innovation
  • End users quickly adapt and leverage the applications to deliver business value.
  • Higher return on the platform investment with more applications developed.
  • Platform’s productivity impact around rapid development.
  • Avoid vendor locking and to ensure applications developed can be easily supported.
Advantages of Sheetsu and Bubble solution

Integration between &

In the digital transformation world where a website or app was a complete entity in and of itself, startups who want to build this kind of website or app business either have to employ software engineers or be software engineers. is for users who have never written a line of code

With, the programming is done visually by dragging and dropping individual elements onto a page. connects to Sheetsu

a platform that implementing any Google Sheets to your Bubble app using Sheetsu API to read and write data.

Simple and easier than ever

With and Sheetsu, building and managing website or app is much more simple and easier than ever.

Benefits of Sheetsu and Bubble integration

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