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What do you need to be more productive with your CRM?

Empower your CRM with Google Sheets

Connecting Google Sheets to the e-commerce CRM allow businesses to track sales and leads efficiently smartly. Most marketing departments need to gather a variety of information from the web and deliver that to sales. They need to monitor and track where that marketing data comes from.

Sales can use that data to make smart sales decisions and keep track of that for each customer. Integration between CRM and Google Sheets helps with this effort to improve business e-commerce content marketing in the best ways possible.

Why Google Sheets and Sheetsu are perfect solution for your business:

  • Increase your revenue per employee
  • Grow your sale efficiently and strategically
  • Enhance customer relationship
  • Build your customers loyalty

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Big Names are using it already

Handling Black Friday sales for thousands of customers

One of the biggest Middle East's online e-commerce website has implemented Sheetsu to generate Google Sheets from their CRM to planning their marketing campaign for Black Friday 2017.

From the actual data from their CRM, Sheetsu helps their marketing team to use customer contact information for targeted and personalized marketing campaigns by Google Sheets with easy access and the low code requirement.

With Sheetsu, this e-commerce website can procure winning sales and marketing strategies for their Black Friday events via customized email-marketing and another point of sale tools.

Implement Sheetsu to your E-commerce CRM

Using CRM doesn't have to be a complicated process for e-commerce business anymore. By linking Sheetsu, e-commerce businesses can integrate their CRM to Google Sheets and customize their customer data to build an efficient marketing campaign.

Connect your CRM and Google Sheet with Sheetsu

Sheetsu is a product that generates a link which e-commerce CRM can use to pull from or push data to Google Spreadsheet.

Sheetsu empowers employees with critical customer service information across the enterprise from CRM by tracking, customizing and organizing contacts with current and prospective customers through Google Sheets. With Sheetsu, marketing staffs don't need to care about a server, maintenance, and bugs.

CRM and Sheetsu

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