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Do you know how to connect Google Sheets API in Python?

Have you ever had an awesome idea about using Google Sheets in a Python app? It sounds like an excellent plan to keep your app data in Spreadsheets.

Indeed it is until you need to work with Google Spreadsheet API. It takes some time to read the tone of Google's documentation, to get to know how OAuth works. Even when you finished, you need to spend some extra time on maintenance. You waste time on coding communication with sheets API. Instead, focus on making your application.

Use Sheetsu Python API and:

  • Don't think about maintenance
  • Focus on solving real problems
  • Create Python app prototype fast and validate an MVP
  • Store data in Google Sheets

Easy to setup

  1. Install Sheetsu package with pip.
  2. $ pip install Sheetsu
  3. Run first Python Sheets API request.
  4. from sheetsu import SheetsuClient
    client = SheetsuClient("")
  5. Create and use your own Sheetsu API.

We open source

Sheetsu Python package is open source! Together with our users, we are building and improving our various libraries. Feel free to start contributing with Sheetsu Python package and became part of our community.

Do you want to start contributing, but don't know how? We are open to your questions.

Sheetsu Python package on Github →
Code frequency

Ready to use Python code samples

We have ready to use Python snippets with solutions for most popular Sheets API use cases. Just copy them to your project.

Read spreadsheet

Load all data from sheet.

# Read whole spreadsheet
from sheetsu import SheetsuClient

client = SheetsuClient("")

Search spreadsheet

Perform a search query on any number of columns with wildcards.

# Get all rows where column 'score' is '42'
from sheetsu import SheetsuClient

client = SheetsuClient("")"42")

Add data to spreadsheet

From a single row to any number of rows with a single query.

# Add one row to spreadsheet
from sheetsu import SheetsuClient

client = SheetsuClient("")
client.create_one(id="5", name="John", score="200")

We've got your back

We want you to succeed

Simple Docs

Sheetsu API follows RESTful rules, if you know REST then you know Sheetsu API. If you are starting your adventure with Python - don't worry, we will help you to start. You can be up and run in a matter of seconds. You can find a lot of short Python code examples in the Sheetsu docs.

Check docs →

Help from a developer

If you need help with Python Sheets API integration, we can handle it for you! With any paid plan, you get 1 hour with our developer. You can schedule a call with us. We will help you build an end-2-end solution and do Sheetsu work with your service/project.

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