Get JSON from Google Sheet with Sheetsu API

Do you know how to get JSON from Google Sheets?

Have you ever need to get some data from Google Spreadsheets? Let's be honest. Google Spreadsheet API is hard. You can spend two weeks on writing code and handle OAuth by yourself, or $1000 on one week of developer work. But time is the most important thing, and we know it. Now you can create Google Sheets API in 5 minutes. No-coding, no-maintenance, no-infrastructure.

Sheetsu JSON API is always up to date on your Google Sheets. You don't have to sync API or refresh it. Change Spreadsheet to change website, mobile content, server settings, etc.

Use Spreadsheet as admin panel for your application and share it with your coworkers. Save time and focus on your users.

Use Sheetsu JSON API and:

  • Easily store data
  • Serve JSON API from Google Sheets
  • Search in Google Sheets for records
  • Prototype fast and focus on the product, not on code or technology

Easy to use everywhere

Use it where you can use JSON. Connect Twilio, Chatbot, Ionic, Dropsource and many more! If you don't know how to do it, you can ask us. Moreover, when you are on any plan, you can use our highly-skilled developer to help you with the integration.

Use Spreadsheet as admin panel for your application and share it with your coworkers. Change the application data immediately. Save time and focus on your users.

We open source

We have plenty of open source libraries. You can use it wherever you want. Frontend or Backend? Python, Ruby, Node.js or bash? Doesn't matter, Sheetsu API is suitable everywhere.

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Connect Google Sheets anywhere

Create from Sheetsu JSON API website list, forms, content, data collections

We've got your back

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Simple Docs

If you are starting your adventure with Sheetsu - don't worry, we will help you to start. You can be up and run in a matter of seconds. You can find a lot of short code examples in the Sheetsu docs and a lot of use cases and tutorials.

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Help from a developer

If you need help with JSON Sheets API integration, we can handle it for you! With any paid plan, you get 1 hour with our developer. You can schedule a call with us. We will help you build an end-2-end solution and do Sheetsu work with your service/project.

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