Host website from Google Drive

Without setup or plugins. Serve any static files.

Easy setup

Website To Google Drive

Take your Website files and upload them to a Google Drive folder

Google Drive folder to Sheetsu

Take Google Drive folder URL (from the browser address bar) and paste it into Sheetsu Pages


Your website is live! 🚀


Up And Running In Seconds

You don't need to setup a server for HTML/JS website anymore. Copy your files onto Google Drive, and that's it. All your static files are served securely from Amazon's S3.

Works everywhere

Landing pages, quick MVP, projects, and portfolios. Any template you buy online. Anything that you find on the web. We can host it and make it live in the next 7 seconds.

No Dev Ops Required

You don't like setting up servers? Now you can do everything with just a few (actually two) clicks.

Your domain setup

Want to connect a custom domain? We've got you covered. One input and it's done.