Lightweight API for students

Give your students a tool that is easy to use. They can setup API in 30 seconds and start using it whenever they need to. Make mobile apps and web-apps backed by spreadsheet.

Learn REST APIs the easy way

Help students understand what the REST API is

They can play around with spreadsheets, easily changing data. It helps them to understand how the most popular services are built. With this tool you can create simple version of apps like Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Write mobile and web apps with ready to use REST API

Focus only on creating Frontend of your apps with easy to edit Backend.

Play with REST API and learn how to use it →


Create easy to manage API in just 30 seconds without hosting it on any servers.

Learning Program

Teach your students how to create mobile and web applications by using REST API’s that are ready to go.

Content Management

Manage all the content of your website with the tool you already know - Google Spreadsheets.



  • Unlimited Student's accounts
  • Unlimited APIs per Student
  • Custom domain APIs
  • Unlimited Sheetsu Pages per Student
  • Custom domains for Sheetsu Pages
  • Whitelabeled APIs
  • Whitelisting IPs
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