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See all submits in a Google Spreadsheet, the very next second it’s entered. React fast and impress your customers.

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With Sheetsu it's easy to collect the data from web forms in a Google Spreadsheet. You can use it with mobile as well. Store records in a shareable Google Spreadsheet and don't bother your IT anymore.

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Sheetsu works everywhere. Mobile, web, WordPress, WebFlow, Ionic and more. If you can input HTML, you are ready to go with Sheetsu.

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Make your data meaningful by connecting Google Spreadsheet with Zapier.

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Sheetsu has helped us streamline requests without needing to build out a full backend. The API is incredibly quick & easy to setup, and it integrates well into our existing workflows.

Abram Dawson

SV Angel

Sheetsu gave us a quick and easy way to collect data in a Google Spreadsheet. Our developers shaved days off of our backlog because Sheetsu allowed us to skip building middleware, an API, or running a server.

Jason Thane

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