Are you a spreadsheets ninja?

It’s perfect solution for people who need to show their work from spreadsheets on the website. Complex formulas? No problem! Sheetsu will show the result.


Tabular data

Restaurant Menu, jobs listing, t-shirt shop

The best solution for showing structured data. Adding a row to the Google Spreadsheet makes it visible on the website. Simple as that.

The last CMS you will ever need

Spreadsheets are the most flexible and accessible database you will ever encounter.

You can adapt it as you like and set up your own rules.

Easiest Content Management System

Make Google Spreadsheets admin panel for your website. Don’t waste time on teaching your customers how to use another CMS.

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Sharing Google Spreadsheet

Roles, permissions & sharing

All covered by GSuite from Google. You can share, lock and translate your content with ease.

Works Everywhere

Sheetsu works everywhere. On mobile, web, WordPress, WebFlow, Ionic, Wix, Unbounce. If you can input HTML, you are ready to go with Sheetsu.

Sheetsu works everywhere

Sheetsu has tremendously helped us in providing quick content solutions that enable our content editors to stay on their Google Sheets and at the same time provide input to the API services. Thanks, Sheetsu!!!

Noel Branzuela


We love Sheetsu for capturing form data. It's great to push an email capture form or something for a contest into a shareable Google Spreadsheet.

John Rhoads

John Rhoads

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