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Google Spreadsheets.

Turn Google Spreadsheets into a REST API. Use it as a data store or CMS. Without setup, one click away.

Use Google Spreadsheets as a backend

Sheetsu for
Content Management

Sheetsu connects your spreadsheets with the web, mobile apps and much more. It's like magic when you see it for the first time. Write a word in Google Spreadsheets and the very next second you see the same word on a website or in a mobile app.

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HTML · Shell · Node.js · Ruby
<!-- Read whole spreadsheet -->
<div sheetsu="">
  <p>Name: {{name}}</p>
  <p>Score: {{score}}</p>

<!--Display form, which will save record to the Google Spreadsheet-->
<form sheetsu="">
  <input type="text" name="full_name">
  <input type="text" name="email">
  <textarea name="message"></textarea>
  <input type="submit">

<script src="//"></script>
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Sheetsu for

Sheetsu gives super powers to developers. You can deliver crazy fast. We have Node.js, Ruby, PHP and native HTML library ready to use.

If you want, you can send data to a Google Spreadsheets from a terminal - just use curl. Want to develop a mobile app with the Ionic framework? No problem, check out this tutorial.

Sheetsu is well documented, it's proven, the industry is using it. Just deliver stuff. Fast! ⚡️

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Sheetsu for
data collection

Customize contact forms as you like. All data is stored in a Google Spreadsheets. It's simple, it's flexible, yet so powerful. Our clients are using Sheetsu connected forms to collect feedback and to get orders from the website.

Check form on the right. It has all kinds of inputs. Its style fits into whole website and data is stored in a Google Spreadsheets file.

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Sheetsu has tremendously helped us in providing quick content solutions that enable our content editors to stay on their Google Sheets and at the same time provide input to the API services. Thanks, Sheetsu!!!

Noel Branzuela


We love Sheetsu for capturing form data. It's great to push an email capture form or something for a contest into a shareable Google Spreadsheet.

John Rhoads

John Rhoads

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