Turn a Google Spreadsheet into a REST API

Use it as a data store. Without setup.

Save Time

Use Google Spreadsheets as a database. Read and write data with one line of code. Prototype faster.

Get More Done

Use Google Spreadsheets as CMS or to capture forms. Save days of work for your developers.

Take Control

Make data accessible. Use built-in collaboration of Google Spreadsheets. Let everyone work on the same data.

Developers first

Be up and running in seconds with our easy to use API. Sheetsu one-line implementation allows you to focus on your product and build great features.
No setup, no token refreshing, no more quirky docs. Just get access to Google Spreadsheets from your code.

# Read whole spreadsheetcurl "https://sheetsu.com/apis/v1.0/020b2c0f" # Get all rows where column 'score' is '42'# and column 'name' is 'Peter'curl "https://sheetsu.com/apis/v1.0/020b2c0f/search?score=42&name=Peter"
require 'sheetsu' sheetsu = Sheetsu::Client.new("020b2c0f") # Get all rows where column 'score' is '42'# and column 'name' is 'Peter'sheetsu.read(search: { score: 42, name: "Peter" })
<!-- Read whole spreadsheet --><div sheetsu="https://sheetsu.com/apis/v1.0/020b2c0f">  <p>Name: {{name}}</p>  <p>Score: {{score}}</p></div> <script src="//load.sheetsu.com?i=1337"></script>


Read data from Google Spreadsheets. Show data on a website or in a mobile app. Build CMS or use spreadsheets as a database.

Full API reference →
# Adds row to spreadsheetcurl "https://sheetsu.com/apis/v1.0/020b2c0f" \  -X POST \  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \  -d '{ "id": "6", "name": "Glenn", "score": "69" }'
require 'sheetsu' sheetsu = Sheetsu::Client.new("020b2c0f") # Adds single row to spreadsheetsheetsu.create({ id: 7, name: "Glenn", score: "69" })
<!--  Display form, which will save record to the Google Spreadsheet--><form sheetsu="https://sheetsu.com/apis/v1.0/1c3c0ff33">  <input type="text" name="full_name">  <input type="text" name="email">  <textarea name="message"></textarea>   <input type="submit"></form> <script src="//load.sheetsu.com?i=1337"></script>


Add rows to Google Spreadsheets. Combine the power of spreadsheets directly with your tools and products. Create forms and dashboards.

Full API reference →


Create, Read, Update and Delete data from spreadsheets with API


Secure APIs with HTTP Basic Auth


Use secure connection with your APIs

Multiple sheets

Access all worksheets inside one spreadsheet


Grant read/write permissions for your APIs

Works everywhere

As long as you can handle JSONs, you are ready to go

What our customers are saying

Abram 38834cfa25b2e071b4f55bedac11625a61fcc824ef3c23fb4809cb69d05846d3

Sheetsu has helped us streamline requests without needing to build out a full backend. The API is incredibly quick & easy to setup, and it integrates well into our existing workflows.

Abram Dawson, SV Angel
Jason 072f150a1b8939da810ae54cd8ed30ae546544f432c744d221fed75e87122bf4

Sheetsu gave us a quick and easy way to collect data in a Google Spreadsheet. Our developers shaved days off of our backlog because Sheetsu allowed us to skip building middleware, an API, or running a server.

Jason Thane, General UI
Noel 3499cca0b44dbaebb4a917e6dfb30d95f0f2cd3b245f3d3b705e114ab52ab719

Sheetsu has tremendously helped us in providing quick content solutions that enable our content editors to stay on their Google Sheets and at the same time provide input to the API services. Thanks, Sheetsu!!!

Noel Branzuela, MediaWorks
John ad6fc9108ab411d084c2d2c823c9660bdeec562f4217f142e92113d464096454

We love Sheetsu for capturing form data. It's great to push an email capture form or something for a contest into a shareable Google Spreadsheet.

John Rhoads, colab.la